“Form Letter” by Les Kay

Form Letter

Dear [Insert Name],

My apologies for not writing sooner—something, like late summer rain, is always coming up. Since last [Insert Month], the [Insert Appliance or Vehicle] broke down and [Insert Name] lost [his/her] [Insert Relationship]. We’ve been good though busy. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything one wants, like learn a new language, read [Insert Novel] in the original [Insert Language], visit [Insert Country], make repairs to the [Insert Room], or visit you in [Insert City].

It’s odd. Most days, we find ourselves surrounded by others, but can’t help feeling lonely from time to time. Remember that day at [Insert Body of Water]? We had that conversation that seemed to be about nothing. It stretched into nightfall when campfires were lit. Young couples sipped beer from aluminum cans, and though we could hear laughter, they may as well have been hikers in the forests of [Insert Country]. We were that focused on one another. When did you realize our conversation wasn’t about nothing, that each umm, each I think, each pause led you further from the self you’d been? It’s taken me years.

Thank You,

[Insert Name]

Les Kay holds a PhD from the University of Cincinnati’s Creative Writing program. His poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in a variety of literary journals including Apt, Stirring: A Literary Collection, Toad, Sugar House Review, Stoneboat, Menacing Hedge, The White Review, No Bullshit Review, The Boiler Journal, and elsewhere. His favorite Romantic Comedies are Blade Runner and The Princess Bride.

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