“In the Movies This Would Precede the Grand Romantic Gesture” by Caroline Tanski

In the Movies This Would Precede the Grand Romantic Gesture

On my walk to the co-op, heartburn flared
at the back of my throat. We’d fought all day –
unusual for me, but there it blared,
made sense when I thought of the ravenous way

I ate those brownies after work. The whole
of the pan. I blame the morning, when I woke
late, dug into my jeans drawer and unrolled
a ratty old pair, threw them on, tamed rogue

hair. Went through my day and then I got home
and found the note, tucked in the pocket
of those ratty jeans, your years-ago ghost.
So, yes, I ate my feelings – not a habit

I swear. The note rehidden, my esophagus
still makes for your name a flaming sarcophagus.

Caroline Tanski is a writer, editor, and library assistant in greater Boston. She earned my MFA from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, and my favorite romantic comedies include Say Anything, Can’t Hardly Wait, Eulogy, and Clue. It’s a broad genre.

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